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Virtual Zumba Class

Get Your Pulse Pumping with a Virtual Zumba Class

Is your gym closed but your body still needs a way to work its muscles? BP Dance TV offers an affordable and convenient solution with virtual Zumba classes. We stream the class from our own studio with our experienced Zumba instructors leading the charge. You work out in your own living room using your internet connection. It's all the same moves, music, and routines you love and best of all, you can feel your body limber up! It's an easy answer to a seemingly impossible problem.

Fight the Boredom Using Online Micro Workouts

Perhaps you need a leg up on a new workout routine that doesn't take all day? Keep your mind and body focused and active with fast online micro workouts. Even while you are still at your desk, log in and follow along for a fast five minute workout that focuses on abs, arms, legs, or flexibility. These are short enough that you can complete it in between Zoom meetings without working up a sweat and requiring a shower. Our micro workouts use popular moves from hip hop, Zumba, and other familiar cardio workouts.

Affordable and Fun Option for Staying Fit while Staying Home

Do you miss connecting with your neighbors at your weekly Zumba class? When you work out with BP Dance TV, you can sign up for one of our virtual classes and take advantage of Zoom technology for that familiar class experience. You can speak to your instructor and other dancers while you all move to the music. At the end of the hour, your body will feel energized while you will have a huge smile on your face.

With classes starting every day and at a very affordable price, try out one class or 10 and feel the power of a fit body move you through your day.

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