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Virtual Soul Step Classes

Work Your Body with Virtual Soul Step Classes

Have you ever just wanted to get up and start moving to your own beat? Soul Step teaches you how to find the rhythm in your soul and set it free! Learn in the privacy and convenience of your home at BP Dance TV. We have virtual Soul Step classes starting almost every day and at a variety of times, so there is always one ready to fit into your busy day. Our dance instructors love working with kids of all ages and can't wait to see your smiling face when you log into our dance livestream.

Dance Livestream Instructors Get You Moving to the Beat

Maybe hip hop is more your style? How about Zumba? If it's got a beat and gets people grooving, we offer a class so you can look and feel great when you hit the dance floor at your favorite night spot. What do you need to get started? You need some room to move around, an internet connection, and a screen large enough for you to follow along . Some of our classes also use Zoom rooms where you can receive real time feedback as you learn how to move to the beat.

Get Moving in Your Living Room, Basement, or Garage

There is no need to meet up with a bunch of strangers at your community center to take a Soul Step class. Move the couch, clear out the treadmill, or set up on your back deck--wherever you have room to move! Log into your BP Dance TV account and pay for the class you wish to attend. Your instructor will begin their dance livestream at the specified time and you will be bopping to the music for the next hour.

It's affordable. It's easy. And so accessible. There is no excuse! Start Soul Stepping today.

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