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Virtual Hip Hop Dance Classes

Score Big with Virtual Hip Hop Dance Classes

Are you always standing on the sidelines while your friends take center stage at the dance club? Unleash your body's power when you sign up for virtual hip hop dance classes with BP Dance TV. Whether you are just starting out or have been working your body for a few years, you will find a class ready to roll at your level. We have a huge line up of experienced instructors that focus on kids, ladies, and mixed groups, so there is always a new class offering the beat and steps you want to master.

A Virtual Dance Class on Your Own Time

Click through all of our virtual dance class listings to find one that fits into your day. Some of our instructors post daily, others hold live stream classes using Zoom technology for instant feedback. It's entirely up to you if you take one class a week, four in a day, or multiple dance styles. Hip hop dance continues to be our most popular class as it appeals to kids of every age and translates onto the dance floor at the prom or the next wedding celebration.

Learn More Face to Face with Zoom Dance Classes

Am I doing it right?


If you are just following a YouTube, you will not receive the proper instruction for good posture, balance, or a pointer on how to actually do that move right. That is why many of our online classes have virtual classrooms. You just need your computer, a webcam, a monitor, and room to move! Your teacher will provide encouragement and feedback while you will see your list of moves grow and grow. Best of all, it's only a few dollars to receive the personalized attention you need.

Log in and sign up for your first dance class at BP Dance TV today.

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