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Kids Online Dance Classes

Staying Home is Fun with Kids Online Dance Classes

How do you get all that pent up energy out when the kids are stuck at home with nothing but their video game console? Sign them up for kids online dance classes with BP Dance TV. We have multiple instructors providing classes in all the most popular dance genres. Chanel specializes in working with your little ones and Zoom technology allows her to see your child and provide supportive direction in mastering the next move. At the end of each class, your child will be amped up and ready to show you what they learned to do today.

Distract and Motivate with Affordable Virtual Childrens Dance Class

It doesn't take a lot of room to get your child dancing. All they need to start learning is a clear area in the living room or basement and your laptop or computer monitor with streaming capability. Our affordable virtual childrens dance class will introduce them to the world of Hip Hop and Soul Step while promoting self-confidence, a positive attitude, and improving coordination. It's a great addition to home schooling schedules to help break up the day.

Pick Their Favorite Beat with Hip Hop and Soul Step Classes

Are your kids always moving to the beat, but they want to get way better?


Our classes run every day with different styles available. You can log on and sign up for a different class each day or come back next week and learn the next step combination. Girls and boys get to rock out together along with instructors like Prince and Madelle. Are you feeling a little left behind? Get up and dance right next to your kid. We welcome everybody in our online dance classes.

Click and pay today for your first online dance class at BP Dance TV.

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