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Affordable Online Dance Classes

Get Up and Move with Affordable Online Dance Classes

Are you or your kids missing out on your weekly dance classes? Fight the boredom and get your body moving when you sign up with BP Dance TV for affordable online dance classes. Our instructors, Prince, Madelle, and Chanel specialize in a wide variety of popular dance styles that you see everyday on music videos and at your favorite concerts. Move to the groove with Hip Hop or Soul Step. Designed for beginners, adults, or kids, find a class rolling at your speed.

Hip Hop, Zumba, and Soul Step Online Dance Class for Fun

Do you usually get your aerobic workout in with a local Zumba class? With a simple click and a low payment, log on to the familiar rhythms and movements of Zumba in one of our weekly online dance classes. You will get your pulse racing, stretch out your muscles, and learn some new moves seen at your favorite dance club. Just like at your gym, you will have an instructor to follow and fun music to help you keep moving.

Work It Out with the Kids or Your Best Buddies Via Zoom

Does your child want to learn Hip Hop and master the Cabbage Patch, Butterfly, or The Prep? It's not that hard to make it happen when you log onto one of our online dance classes for kids. Some of our virtual classes use live Zoom meeting technology so you can see the teacher, and they can help you do it right! For such a low price, it's one of the best options for staying fit!

It's so easy to start moving with BP Dance TV. Just scroll through our available classes and find one that fits your schedule, Click, pay, and play! Sign up for one class or a whole bunch. The power to move is in your hands.

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